So It Rained

I wasn’t going to update, but my camera had some pictures on it so I decided to upload them. You can see how in the picture above I am soaking wet, well that is because it has been pouring like crazy here. I left work early and intended to take the subway, but there was some sort of fire down there and I had to walk. By the time I got to North Station my jacket and pants were wet, but not too bad. I managed to find a seat and got off in Salem. We stopped at the station and the rain was coming down in sheets, unfortunately I had walked to the station and as you may have presumed I had to walk the mile or so back home. I turned up my iPod and began walking, with a complete understanding that I would end up completely drenched by the time I got home. Once I made it across the parking lot I decided to let loose and put back my hood and took off my hat to become completely saturated. The puddles were deep and the rain came down harder and harder, and by the time I made it back I was soaked all over. I loved every minute of it, because it was such a cleansing experience. However, I hope this rain is done by morning, because it’s a lot easier to change at home than it is at work.

Stay dry everybody,