What a day it's been already?

I never know whether to capitalize just the first word, all the words or only the larger words in the subject. Can anybody provide me with some insight on that one?

Story of my weekend was that I was sick all weekend. I went to Maine and skiied but only for a few runs and then went back home to watch TV, play guitar and do crossword puzzle (thanks Vanessa). I did manage to make it to the Grizz on Saturday night. I stayed in Maine to watch Driven: Dave Matthews on VH-1 and then went home. I saw Return of the King and was quite satisfied with the whole trilogy. On my way there I remembered how over three years ago in the summer of 2001 I was at the Loews Theatre in Danvers and saw the first movie poster for the Lord of the Rings series. At the time I had no idea what the Lord of the Rings thing was all about and thought, how daring it was they were making three movies about some video game without even showing one to test the waters. Fast forward three years and I have read four books by J.R.R. Tolkien and went to see each movie within a week of its release. What a difference a few years makes?

Things I hate about being sick:
1) You can’t do any physical activities.
2) Hallucinating in my sleep.
3) The constant aches and pains.
4) Not knowing when you are better, it seems to just happen one day.
5) Feeling okay in the morning and then by five or six at night you feel like shit again.
6) Lack of appetite (even for pizza)
7) Phlegm!!

Things I like about being sick:
1) Its nice to sit on your ass sometimes and do nothing but watch TV.
2) I seem to play the guitar better, well at least I did this weekend.
3) Some people call in sick to work, so that is good.

That’s it, I think the general consensus is being sick really sucks!!!

This was a funny IM this morning so I am adding it since I am apparently out of humor for my LJ.
Essa02 (11:15:23 AM): how are you?
KeegSands (11:15:25 AM): godo
KeegSands (11:15:27 AM): good
KeegSands (11:15:38 AM): godo being a close relative to the extinct dodo
Essa02 (11:15:47 AM): hahaha
KeegSands (11:15:51 AM): he was smaller and went extinct sooner
Essa02 (11:15:58 AM): aww poor bird
KeegSands (11:16:02 AM): thats why you never heard about him
Essa02 (11:16:17 AM): HA!