The Hits Keep Coming

Yep it has been a full weekend. It all started with me picking my car up on Friday, which led to the work holiday party and karaoke. The next day was Christmas Tree Cutting time with Van and Britt. It was quite an adventure. I dropped them off in Boston and then off to Providence for some Dave Matthews and Friends. The concert was unbelieveable especially because I had second row seats, definitely in my top 5 of 39 shows. Next morning it was up early for a couple days of skiing with my stepbrother Zack. Cold on Sunday and kind of miserable, but mother nature stepped in again and dropped nineteen more inches of snow on us last night. We shovelled out and skiied today and of course it was amazing. I decided to not wuss out and due tele today, and it definitely paid off. The flat stuff is now going to be so easy since I can now go through some messed up powder with relative ease. For once in my life I am actually proud of myself. Made it home and continued work on my Christmas presents. Tomorrow night is the second Dave Matthews show and this time I will be sitting in the front row. I will be sneaking the camera in with the hope security is lax like in Providence.

Total miles driven since getting the car back, 675. It seems to be working okay.

I took a test online at To get to it go to choose the Free Personality Test and then choose the Physical Attraction test. It is a good way to that we are quite shallow. Enjoy the test and my results especially my tendency to like younger girls with a good gap. Attraction Test Results