My Girlfriend Is Crying

I am sitting on the couch right now next to Jennifer and she is just plain bawling her eyes out. Now at first you might think something terrible has happened but in actuality they are tears of laughter. What is she laughing at? We are watching the ridiculous show called America’s Funniest Videos and they just had a segment where one person after another got knocked down, bonked with or whacked with some sort of ball. Yes its true she is a sucker for these shows and always ends up with tears in her eyes. I must say it is quite a sight.

I forgot to make an entry about my weekend. On Saturday I got into a car accident within a block of my house, only adding to the statistic about most accidents happening within a mile of your house. I was rear-ended by some guy and luckily Precious was okay. Unfortunately Jennifer and I have had sore necks for the last two days. On Saturday night we invited some friends over and had a great turn out of three people. We still had a great time, but I am coming to the conclusion that I should stop sending invitations to things, because nobody every shows up. It seems like nobody shows up for the BoCaNO’s when I send the email. Oh well maybe its just coincidence.

Sunday was a momentous day for me, because my dad and Anne came to Somerville to see our house. My parents don’t have a good history of visiting places I have lived. However since it really isn’t a competition I won’t post the totals, but I can say between my mom and dad the total number of visits to some place I have lived is less than five. Maybe I just need to move closer to Amesbury for better results.

Okay I am tired and need to get a little rest.