Another Weekend in Maine, Surprise!!!

My Weekend in Maine

I’m not gonna talk about the weekend because well its just the same old thing again, well at least for the most part. So what am I going to write about well lets see. How ‘bout the fact that I love my iPod and I am really starting to get into the iTunes thing. I keep buying songs, which at a dollar song could start getting expensive. It is tough to not just buy everything I see. My favorite part is downloading my favorite songs I can remember from the past and just dumping the on the iPod. The whole single song thing ( almost typed song + thing = thong), boy its gettin late, means i get quite a diverse group of artists, from Paul Simon to System of A Down. Yep thats right Britt I got Sugar by SOAD and also some Rage Against the Machine. I was thinking of having some sort of a get Keegan updated with the music scene and borrowing CD’s from people who actually listen to more than three artists. So if some people, errr Collage Kids could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Artists I want most:
1) Pearl Jam
2) Red Hot Chili Peppers
3) Nirvana
4) U2
5) Avril Lavigne
6) Led Zeppelin

However I am willing to accept anything, just to fill up my computer and prevent me from buying more songs. I gotta finish my favorite songs of all time playlist and my favorite songs that get me in a psyched, like that Woo Hoo song by some band I can’t remember, but I think the video has the band in a box bouncing off the walls.

Okay its getting late I should be heading to bed.