More Rain

Another washout of a weekend hit the New England area and at this point I have given the hope of spending another weekend outside in the sun. The worst part about this weekend’s rain was that it was so nice out all week long and as soon as Saturday came around the sky clouded up. On Saturday I spent some of the day doing work and then went to the mall to try and straighten out my phone situation. Basically my replacement phone is a piece of garbage and I need the insurance company to send me another phone. More on that later. I didn’t end up getting a new phone at the mall, but instead bought this great wool blazer. Now the first time you see me you will probably chuckle about it, but I really like it. I’ll get a picture of it up soon. On Saturday night Jennifer and I went to babysit one of my coworkers kids. It was a fun night, 19 month olds are so busy and hard to understand.

Sunday morning involved more work and a trip to the cafe. Afterward Amy, Any and Melissa met at our house before we went down to watch the Head of the Charles. Just like last year it was a raw damp cold, but we survived for a couple hours. At one point we took a snack break at John Harvard’s and downed a plate of nachos. Unfortunately the spinach and artichoke dip was extra oily, so we sent it back to the kitchen a couple times before they gave us a gift card for a free appetizer next time. Despite the cold and wet it was a great day.

Now back to the phone situation. I called up the insurance company again today and explained the situation with my replacement phone. After talking to a half dozen people I finally convinced a guy that my phone was not working. He kept questioning me about it and I kept explaining to him that the phone would just stop working if I didn’t press it firmly against my head. After ten minutes he was convinced and said he would sent out a new phone and should get it tomorrow. What a freaking nightmare?!?!?! On the bright side Verizon said I am eligible for a discount on a new phone in February. Hopefully they will get some cool phones by then.