Cape Cod Vacation

We went with a little change of pace this summer for vacation and are on Cape Cod in Chatham. We rented a house with Cara, Jeff and Maddox (see photos). Growing up on the North Shore meant I wasn’t ever really exposed to Cape Cod, since well we have pretty good beaches up there and Maine is just about 20 minutes away. Also being a North Shore person also meant I considered most South Shore people to be crazy, btw this hasn’t changed, but it was probably also a factor in my avoidance of Cape Cod. A couple years ago we came down for a weekend and had a great time and so I was game for an entire week. Well I have to say the place is growing on me, mostly due to the knowledge of all things Cape Cod provided by Cara and Jeff. I think my two favorite things are he variety of beaches we have gone to and also how close everything is to each other. We have been on super sandy beaches, flats that stretched for miles, beaches in harbors and on the open ocean. All have had their own unique twist, making it an adventure every time. Of course Kaleb likes that they all have sand and has become obsessed with going to the beach and playing with his tractors, trucks and machines.

I have also managed to do some other projects I can’t find time for at home. I finally added lyrics to a song I have been writing, it isn’t close to being finished, but at least the ball is rolling. I also spent more time than I should writing an application for the iPhone, but it did come from a necessity so I don’t feel too bad about it. I have also imported some video and uploaded photos as per usual. Now we have just over 26 hours until we have to vacate and I can say I am not even close to being ready to come home.

Here are some photos I have taken so far.

Cape Code Vacation 3

Cape Cod Vacation 2

Cape Cod Vacation