Busy Few Days

The last few days have been rather busy in my little life.

On Friday afternoon I left work and picked Jennifer up at school and we drove up to Manchester airport. We flew down to Orlando to visit her grandparents for a day or so. While there I took these Florida photos. Saturday down there was gorgeous with only a few clouds in the sky. Early on Sunday morning we packed up and flew out and back to the rainy north at seven AM. In total we were on the ground in Florida for 32 hours.

Once back in New England we drove down to Amesbury and checked out the high water all over the town. I took these Amesbury Flooding photos. All of the photos were from downtown, but we did see many other flooding in the typical Amesbury spots. Afterwards we went to my mom’s house and hung out there for a while. We ended up giving Britt and Carol a ride to the DoubleTree hotel where they were staying for the night leading up to Britt’s graduation.

Now this morning I got all dressed up and commuted into the city to go to Britt’s commencement. I met Carol at the hotel and we walked over to the Wang Center for the commencement where I took these Emerson Commencement Photos. It was a long ceremony, but I did get to here Senator John Kerry speak. His speech while it sounded more like a late night talk show monologue was really good and very funny at times. My favorite joke was when he criticized the president for wanting people to leave the country that don’t speak English when he in fact can barely speak correct English himself. We found Britt and the Morins after the commencement and I then came back to Somerville to do some work.

It was a crazy and wet few days, but I think a lot was accomplished despite my exhaustion.