Every Weekend Can Be An Adventure

Now this will be a tough one and I haven’t quite figured out how I am going to break it down or if this should have a theme or something. Hmmmm lets see what happens.
Notice the picture it sums up the first half of my weekend, that’s right snow, ice and terrible driving conditions. Lets all take a moment to say “Poor Keegan” after the following story.
I took a later train home(7:30) on Friday. Walked a mile in the slushy wet gross snow to my apartment, proceeded to shovel the driveway because the landlord was out of town and I am a nice guy, changed my wet clothes, packed and drove to the Bury. (Pause for sympathy) I hung out with Ry and Britt for a while even after I walked in to Britt’s room and she says, “You look so like you in 1994!” Apparently I carried around a lot of Pizza Factory pizza and had big hair in 94. After going to Stop and Shop at around midnight I decided to spend the night on the couch and drive up in the morning. Fast forward six uncomfortable hours later and I wake to see the driveway has become and ice rink over night. Back to sleep for two more hours. I start up towards Maine.

Da da da!!! Northward I go towards Sunday River. Now since the weather was bad I planned on taking exit 11, but I was driving to fast and couldn’t make the turn. Sooo I was forced to drive fifteen miles to the next exit and pay an extra dollar at a toll. There I sat in Auburn, ME ready to with my Maine Atlas in hand trying to navigate a course back to the safety of Route 26. I plotted my course and braved the snowy roads like the one above (btw I love the picture because the quality is so good out the car window). Notice the completely shitty quality of the road. After an hour long detour I made it back to 26 and almost four hours after leaving Amesbury arrived at the Outpost.

Tele skiing was great, except quite difficult on my legs. Yes I know I am rambling, but there is so much I need to include. Apres ski was at the Well with Chrissy and company. We were just chilling and then this guy dressed up as Captain Morgan starts walking around giving out stupid things like medallions and beads. He is obnoxious, but tolerable, well that is until he went on stage and started asking trivia questions. Talk about annoying, it wasn’t that bad for the first ten minutes, but after a half hour he was getting on everybody’s nerves. Now you may think the end of this part is near, WRONG. He came over to our table way in the back and started asking us questions with mic in hand. One guy in the group, Dennis told him to go away. His reply was “I am just trying to help you guys have some fun.” To which Dennis quickly returned, “We were having fun before you came over here.” Haha, he took his prizes and went back to the front, hooray. Guess what that wasn’t the last of the Captain though, I went home and then ended the night at the Grizzly where he just happened to be making another appearance from 8-10. He did the same schtick with the same questions. I even answered a question before he asked it, annoying.

The Bear River Road House crew was at the Grizzly drinking it up and having fun, even Jennie was there in her signature cowboy hat. The band was good, the lead singer was blind, but had a great voice. Very good night at the Grizzly (I wish I could go into more detail, but I don’t want this to be too long), sorry you Utah travelers missed out on the fun though I am sure you had a great day.

Today I skiied, but it was so cold I thought for sure I would freeze to death. The skiing was very good and after skiing in the morning with Zack and Jon, I ran into TJ and Tiffany and skied the afternoon with them. It was a long non stop day, but somehow I managed to survive without too many falls. One of the falls I took happened on one of the rails in the terrain park, I went right down on my shoulder it was pretty funny. The second fall was on Airglow where I totally wrecked myself, but once again it was funny.

Drive home was uneventful and here I sit with a full stomach because the landlord bought me a pizza for shoveling, plus I got to watch Dave Matthews on the Grammy’s tonight. I hope you all were able to catch that one.

Have a great week,