Cup o' Tea

I seem to be updating more when I am away then when I am back home. Oh well perhaps it is because I actually have something interesting to say. Maybe not so interesting, but once my fingers are on the keyboard I can’t help but interact with the rest of the world. After hanging out for a bit at the Castle I went back to the hotel and got some sleep. I had to wake up early this morning for the flight to London. btw did I tell you I have clean clothes. We took a taxi to the airport for my 4 Euro flight. It wasn’t nearly as sketchy as I anticipated and we made it safely over the North Sea. London was grey and bleak what a surprise. We successfully made it into this huge city and even found our hostel. It was in a square which really means it just sits at the end of some street. Once again we dealt with a Middle Eastern gentlemen who only accepted cash. It was okay though.

Now it was time to explore and see the city. After walking through a giant ass park and crossing several streets where the cars were on the wrong side of the rode, we came to Buckingham Palace. Honestly it is nothing to write home about, well I guess I am writing home essentially, but not in a positive way. Anyway the hunger pangs began to get to us and once again we opted for American Fare, Pizza Hut. It is so expensive to do anything here within a couple of hours we already spent about 100 pounds on trains, lodging and food, which I believe is about equivalent to 200 US dollars. WTF!! Actually could somebody post the actual FX rates for the Pound and Euro vs the US Dollar.

Next stop is the River Thames and perhaps London Bridge (I can feel one of Auntie Babes crazy song reference comments coming). The rest of the weekend is up in the air, though we will certainly be riding on a double decker bus.