Nursery Time

As you can see from the photos it was a busy day in the Sands household. Yesterday, Jennifer’s mom showed up and we went to the store to buy some paint. So today we got up relatively early and moved all the stuff out of the nursery for painting. We used exactly one can of paint for two coats and it looks phenomenal. Once the paint dried, we moved all the furniture back in, hung up some tapestry and put pictures on the wall. It was a pretty painless process fr such wonderful results.

The other thing I have been busy doing is selling things on Craigslist and I have to say it went much better this time around. On Friday I sold a tv, yesterday I got rid of a futon and today I sold a desk and some speakers. All I currently have left to sell is a storage cabinet and some electronics, but I haven’t even posted them yet. Cha-ching, thanks for the $200 and space in my basement. Sweet!!!!

On Thursday we did some recalculating of the baby’s progress in the pregnancy books and realized we miscalculated. So while the baby is still due on March 31st, we realized we have been off by a week in the week by week schedule. So this week we are repeating Week 29. Mentally it has been weird going over the same week twice, because as you complete the weeks you breathe a little easier. Oh well I suppose the grand scheme of things I suppose there was really no difference.