Some More Firsts

Kaleb had a couple more first today. First we went up to Plum Island to meet Nonna and Sir at the beach. Once out on the river side of the beach Kaleb got his first chance to touch sand at the beach. He was cool with it and didn’t have any reaction. Later on I took him down near the water and dipped his feet in, of course being New England the water was super cold and he cried a little until I pulled him up. We then sat down in the wet sand and made his first footprints in the sand. After a couple hours we packed up and went over to my mom’ house.

Once there Kaleb ate some lunch and then I got to take him into the pool. He was surprisingly calm and didn’t mind it at all. We hung out in the pool for about fifteen minutes going back and forth in the shallow end and just swimming around. He was a bit tense at first, but eventually relaxed and had a grand old time.

Now I have to get over to the dining room table and start doing the work that I have been putting off all weekend. Only five more days until I start my vacation!!! I can hardly wait.