What A Rush

I am finally updating this LJ. I meant to do it last night, but by the time I got home it was way too late. I really wanted to because at the time I was feeling very motivated to write. It struck me that life is so interesting and is continuously throwing new things at you every step of the way. It’s also amazing how little sleep one can live on. My week started early in the morning on Tuesday, when I drove down to Quincy to leave my car. I worked and then went to the DMB show with Mark. It was a great show and the seats were excellent. We were stuck in the parking lot and ended up in Quincy around 2:00 AM. I slept for five hours before returning to work for Wednesday. A sluggish day ensued and I was really feeling the pain by the afternoon. I met Amy, Jennie and Mark in Quincy and we drove down to the Wednesday night show. This night the setlist was about as good as the prior night, but there was much more energy in the band and the crowd. I dropped Mark off and then drove into the city to bring Jennie and Amy home. Of course they were doing construction and we had to go all the way up to Sullivan Square before getting to Beacon Hill and the Back Bay. At 1:30 I stumbled into my apartment and crashed in bed. A short five hours I was abruptly woken up by some workers across the street tearing the roof off of a house. So I went in to work extremely tired. After work last night I went to dinner and a movie, The Notebook. It was a very sad movie and everybody was sobbing afterwards, myself not included. I missed my train so I walked to North Station and sat there for until midnight. Finally I made it to Salem, exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open. Within fifteen seconds of stepping off of the train the sky opened up and it poured down on me. Lightning flashed and I began running in the rain the quarter mile towards my car. It wasn’t long before I made it to my car, drenched and sleepy. I found some parking on my street and walked in the door to my apartment. I was more tired than I have been in a long time and was amazed at just how much I had been awake and how the timing of the rain could not have been more ironic. Life sure is strange.