And in the Blue Corner Weighing in at a Whopping 4 Pounds

Kaleb: Day Seventeen

Yep the headline is true, Kaleb is now a four pound baby. He gained 35 grams yesterday and now is over four pounds. Its taken a while, but he is on his way gaining about an ounce everyday, which means in two weeks he will be a five pounder. Not much news from yesterday, everything is still going well and we are on pace for him to come home on Saturday. I went over after work and held him for a long time, long enough that he peed and left a wet spot on my shirt. I think I am really starting to get this bottle feeding thing. Yesterday, I fed him his bottle and he finished it in no time. I still need to work on the burping, it is really hard to hold him because he rolls up into a ball whenever I try to reposition him.

Bye for now.