Welcome Isabel

Today we will experience rain from Hurricane Isabel, but it won’t rain for too long which is a good thing. However look out for some crazy winds this afternoon. Now that the weather is out of the way I will try and tell you what I have been up to. Basically I have been doing a lot of things and won’t bore you with the details. I had a ton of fun eating at the Emerson dining hall, it was very strange how confident I felt, I wish I felt that way in bars. I was thinking about just going there to help build my confidence and then head out into the real world. I ended up eating a ton of food to the point where I actually became sick, but of course it was good, because dining hall food always tastes good at first. The girls were hilarious with the constant attacks on one another, it reminded me of how harsh we used to be to each other in our wing back at Somerset Hall. One girl asked me my name and I told her, but then proceeded to give her my fake college bio. The girls said I was a junior TV/Video major living at 6 Arlington. We all kept a straight faced and she believed it. Haha.

BoCaNO was fun, especially because of the high turn out. I love drawing on the tables at Fajita’s and Rita’s, this week I just wrote down the track list for every Dave Matthews album. I was disappointed because I forgot one track off of both Busted Stuff and Everyday. Maybe I shouldn’t even be allowed to go to the show next Wednesday in Central Park. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!! Plus Some Devil also comes out on Tuesday, what a wonderful week and it hasn’t even happened yet.

The commute has been going well, I have purposely caught the same train every morning so I can begin to recognize people and not feel like such a stranger. It is starting to work and I almost feel like I belong. One thing I do remember from the Newburyport line was the guy at North Station who stands near the trash can with a black hat and black trench coat. He is there every morning and collects certain newspapers from people. However some make the cut and others get tossed into the barrel. I will try to get a picture soon for everybody.

Work drives me crazy, granted these last minute projects help my day fly along they also get me stressed out and I take it out on my favorite coworker John. So John if you are reading this I apologize for my rude behaviour yesterday and will do my best to be better today. Hopefully the pizza party we are having today will promote a good mood for me.

Survivor was on tv last night and because it is the first bit of fresh programming on I watched it and found it to be okay. They are always trying to keep the show fresh, so last night they made the people jump of a boat and swim to shore, where they were given money and sent into a small town to buy things. The group this year is quite entertaining, my favorites are the guy who is a produce clerk and the girl who is a computer programmer.

Okay time to get back to work. Hope you enjoyed today’s randomness.