A Weekend with a Col

I got a cold at some point on Friday I guess and have been relatively miserable all weekend. I have the whole runny nose, cough, chest congestion, blah blah. On top of that Jennifer came down with some sort of stomach issue and has been feeling nauseous all day. We are quite the bunch over in Merrimac.

We were able to get out a couple times this weekend including Lilli’s birthday (see photos below). It was Dora themed and even had a stroy line like the show, Kaleb had a great time. Kaleb and I also got to go out to Skip’s tonight for dinner. Jennifer stayed home so it was just the boys and it was awesome. He behaved so well and stayed in his seat the entire time and ate a ton of food. Aftrewards we picked up some ice cream at Hodgies. The whole time we were both singing the chorus to the new Dave Matthews Band song and making up different lyrics. One of those days that makes all the sleepless nights and tantrums of parenthood worth it.

Lilli's Birthday