Come one come all to BoCaNO Wednesday night Miracle of Science at Central Square in Cambridge. I have sent an email out to the typical crowd, but I also wanted to extend the invitation to everybody who reads my LJ. I understand it might be a potpourri of different people but that is what will make it fun. So even if you have never been to a BoCaNO before it is definitely time to start. Okay now a little more about the place itself.

Here is what the Boston Globe has as the description:
The exposed brick and particle board walls give this pub between Central Square and MIT a technical-chic feel. It may be more bar than grill, but you can chow down on burgers, skewers, and soups, and the rich turkey chipotle chili has ardent fans.

For even more information go to Miracle of Science on I hope a bunch of people show up since a lot of people from the BoCaNO crew are in Utah. Don’t make me sit at the restaurant all by myself. Okay that is all about BoCaNO, just trying to drum up some membership.

I got off the train today and right away began feeling ill. It has only worsened as the day has gone on. I am going to try and get some sleep tonight and hopefully things will be better in the morning. Cross your fingers. I did have soup for dinner to hopefully do something to improve my health. Thankfully the weather was warm today, my thermometer at home actually has high temperature of 50, I couldn’t believe it. I also recorded another video of me playing guitar. So sticking to my plan I have recorded a non-DMB song. So here is my version of Angel From Montgomery by John Prine Please right click and do save as. Enjoy!!!