Happy Halloween

On Friday night we all got together for Amy’s annual pumpkin carving party. Two things changed this year though, it was in Concord and costumes were preferred. For weeks I tried to come up with a costume, first I was going to be Napoleon Dynamite, but my hair just isn’t long enough for that right now, then I was going to be The Greatest American Hero, but once again it would have been better with longer hair. I searched online and came across some video game characters and almost decided on Link from the legend of Zelda, but instead decided to call Andy and see if he wanted to be one of the Mario Brothers. He was down with it and my search for overalls began. I never realized how hard it was to find something out of style. I looked all over the place with no luck, finally on Thursday afternoon I went to Work ‘n’ Gear and picked up a pair for thirty dollars. They were perfect and now I have a great pair of denim overalls.

The party was once again great and I have to say I think Mark definitely took the top costume prize with his CDC worker costume (see photos). The award for the best pumpkin once again goes to Amy, for an intricate design of a ghost. I did a bat, but instead of using the actual pattern did it free hand from the picture on the book, and I think it turned out okay. It’s amazing how hard it is to draw symmetrical shapes, one side of the bat ear was huge while the other was small and his feet were a real mess.

Yesterday Jennifer and I spent the day at home watching tv and doing nothing really, when all of a sudden we looked out and it was snowing. That’s right it wasn’t even Halloween yet and snow was falling from the sky. I assumed it was just going to flurry all day, but by four o’clock it was starting to stick on the grass and cars. We went for a walk in our new Autumn Wonderland and I decided to take photos. Today the weather has returned to normal though, there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature is supposed to reach 65.

First Snow of the Season Photos