Sunny Weekend

I was slightly annoyed with Salem tonight because for a minute I thought I lived in Boston. The reason why, because I had to drive around the block just to find a parking space. It seems now the weather is warmer everybody wants to forgo parking in their driveways and take up the valuable side of the street. I might as well move to the city since parking was one benefit of living in Salem. Don’t get me wrong I like living by myself and I could never afford that in Boston, but perhaps living alone is not worth the extra money I pay every month. Oh well perhaps I will look soon for a place closer to the city, where I don’t have to pay over one hundred dollars for a T pass.

Okay so this weekend I went skiing and practiced for next weeks competition. I did accomplish one thing though, I did a 360 grab. It felt great to accomplish the trick. After the photo slideshow combined with this I am flying high. Now all I need to do is go back to work and I will be brought right back down to Earth.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to explain the picture and slideshow. I stopped in the Bury to visit my wonderful family and there was a fire down the street, so I went and took some pictures. It was just a barn and it burned right to the ground. I don’t believe anybody was hurt though so that is good.

Hope everybody had a good weekend,