Quick Week followed by quick weekend

I went back to the ‘Bury this weekend to do my laundry and while I was hanging out mum asked if I wanted to go to the beach and see the waves since they were s’posed to be big from the hurricane in Bermuda. So Britt, Carol, mum and I went to the “Ghetto Beach” and I ran out to take pictues. All said and done I took about 65 pictures. I walked out on the jetty and got some great wave shots, before coming in and getting my pants soaked up to my knees because I was too busy taking pictures. Finished the beach trip with some beach pizza and Willy’s candy.

I picked Britt up yesterday to help her move in to 100 Beacon Street. The move went smoothly and once again I found a parking space on Park Street, how poetic. I helped move a bunch of furniture in Jess and Essa’s room, which was quite entertaining. I seem to have a knack for maximizing available space in a room, I think its because of my amazing ability to simulate things in my brain, I can just see things without them actually happening. We had a nice lunch at Cheers care of Jess’ dad, which was very nice of him. Afterwards we just hung out in the dorm, just like old times, seven years ago when I was in school. After meeting so many people and explaining that I wasn’t in school and hadn’t been for a while we decided it was easier just to say I was a third year TV/Video major living at 6 Arlington. In honor of the first night there and because I was craving it since the last time we ate there we had dessert at Finale’. It was good, but the portions just don’t cut it for me. I did speak to another Keegan yesterday, but she was a girl and I didn’t realize her name was Keegan until after she left. I have heard rumors of female Keegan’s, but never actually saw one until yesterday. Finally we ended up at the Double Tree (DT) Hotel, also the home to some Emerson freshman. Watched some Sex and the City and I made my way back to Salem. Emerson College Move In Slideshow

Crazy commute this morning since I am going to Dave tonight I had to drop my car off at State Street in Quincy. On the way I saw several interesting things, such as a woman eating a bowl of cereal while driving, a motorcyclist who kept waving at me to back off, the Ted Williams tunnel costs $3, but you don’t know that until you pull up to the window, from the Ted you can’t reach 93 South without driving into the city and this commute while it involves free parking takes too damn long.

Looking forward to Dave tonight. Full report in the morning!!