New Entry

Hey now everybody!!! I am sitting at home on a Tuesday morning and just waiting for the traffic to subside before I head off to work. It was a boring weekend here in Somerville. On Saturday we picked up our wedding bands and then I stayed home all afternoon while the girls went to look at bridesmaid’s dresses. I did make it over to the video store before the storm and rented Elizabethtown, Lord of War and House MD Season 1 Disc two. First of all the only thing I liked about Elizabethtown was the road trip at the very end. Lord of War was less than spectacular, it didn’t really go anywhere and then it ended. The House DVD was great. If you have never seen this show you need to check it out on Tuesday nights.

On Saturday evening I spoke with Kate on the phone and helped her book a flight so she could get out of Boston a day early to avoid the snowstorm. Everything worked out and she ended up in Utah on time.

The snow began late on Saturday night and by the time Sunday morning came around we already had about eight inches of snow. We stayed inside most of the day doing work and watching movies, until about three o’clock when the snow slowed down. We went out and cleaned off our cars and then went to the store. In all we ended up with about forteen inches here in Somerville.

On Monday I decided I didn’t want to lose my parking space so I worked from home. I was able to get a lot done although I did end up working rather late to resolve all of my issues.

Not much else is going on in my super exciting life. Hope all is well with everybody.