Please Stop Teething Me

After the super buy weekend we thought Kaleb’s fussing was just because he was tired, but we are beginning to think more and more that he is now teething. We aren’t certain, but he is definitely touching his mouth more often and has been chewing on his pacifier more often than he has been sucking it. Apparently it isn’t unheard of for a baby to be teething at four months. Luckily he has to go in for his four month appointment tomorrow so we should know for sure. Its been two months since his last appointment and he is almost twice as big as he was then. We are looking forward to finally getting answers to questions we have been curious about for weeks now, such as cradle cap, teething, the flatness of the back of his head, the pace of his overall development (cognitive and physical) and the recent green poo.

The other big thing happening tomorrow is my longest stint flying solo with the little man. Jennifer has to go to school two day this week, tomorrow I am on duty and Friday my mom will be watching him. I am a bit nervous about the milk situation, because he hasn’t consistently eaten from a bottle yet and if he doesn’t take it tomorrow it will be a long, loud day. He took one from me tonight though without much trouble, so hopefully it will go well.

Kaleb continues to perfect his hand eye coordination. Today he hit his beach ball for the first time and also swung at a couple other toys. Its amazing how in the last few days he has gained even more personality. He is looking around more than ever and really enjoys going outside and checking out the sights, actually taking him outside is like magic, because it really calms him down. Okay its getting late and I have a long day ahead of me, so I am going to bed now.