No question

So I decided we will take a break from the questions today. You guys have worked hard, check out the standings so far. IceCubeIsBoss holds the lead for first answers of the day by one of E.

Last night I was going to go see a movie, but sat down and started to record videos of me playing the guitar. Two hours later I had recorded 30 clips and put them all onto a CD. I know it is probably horrible, but it sure was fun. The clips are huge but I have included one My version of Recently Feel free to download if you want. Kate if you want I can burn you a copy of the CD, because I know you love guitar practice sooo much.

This morning I went to the driving range with Amanda. Now I had never swung a golf club before so I was not too great, but by the end of the bucket, I was starting to get it. Once or twice I hit it about 150 yards with the 7 iron, I don’t know if this is good, but I would guess not so much. I would definitely do it again, hopefully John can go and show me how to actually hit the ball.
Check out this swing!!