Early Thursday

I had to make it an early day today, so I am a little less with it than usual. The train in the morning is very different from the later trains. First of all there are fewer people which makes sense. The people are also very territorial about there seats and tend to sit on the aisle even in the three seaters. Of course when I got here everything was okay with the main process, but the parallel process didn’t work out so well. We are working on getting it fixed so we can finally move to Oracle.

Last night was the first night of BoyCottaNO, which proved to be pretty successful. I went home and cooked myself a nice dinner of penne and red sauce. I have such a hard time judging how much pasta I will end up with from just dropping in the dry pasta, so halfway through cooking it I through in more (bad idea) so some of the pasta wasn’t exactly al dente. Overall it was good and I continued to multi task at home which involves updating my iPod with more music. It is taking forever and I think I can put all of my cd’s on it without a problem, but I don’t know if I want to just dump everything on there and have some crappy stuff OR do I want to start putting some of my live DMB CD’s which would prove to be of lesser quality but better music than my Titanic Soundtrack, Britney Spears and Chicago (the band) CD’s.

Only time will tell.

iPod statistics so far
268 songs
1.5 GB
8 artists
23 albums