Canoe Trip

I know its been ages since a post, but at least on the photo front I have run into a snag. My account at Picasa is full and now I have to decide whether I want to pay to add storage or switch to another service. I will probably just upgrade since I love google so much. Anyway here are some photos from the recent Agawam River canoe trip.

Agawam River Trip 2008

This weekend we stayed home most of the time with the occasional trips here and there. We have been working really hard in the yard trying to figure everything out. Most recently I seeded part of the lawn and Jennifer planted more flowers in the garden. Kaleb has been doing well and is getting more and more personality every single day. Luckily he still isn’t at the point of having too much personality i.e. temper tantrums. Although you can see it coming around the bend.

Apparently I have to go take a shower now so I have to go.