Another Lovely Ski Weekend

Yep so I skied. While skiing I spent a lot of time thinking about various subjects and one of these happened to be the similarity between trails skied and setlists for a concert. Okay so at Sunday River there are around 120 trails, it is nearly impossible to ski every trail in one day and you are forced to pick certain trails. Now think of trails as songs, you can’t play every song you know at a concert only a limited number. In the skiing of trails you might not get to ski your favorite trails every week and will also end up skiing on some less than desirable trails. The theory holds true for concerts in that you will probably end up hearing a song you don’t enjoy, because the artist may not know songs are your favorites. Taking it even further you could break each peak into an album and people tend to ski the newer peaks more often just like a band will play its new stuff more often when a new album is released. Some trails tend to be old favorites which is similar to some songs that always shop up at concerts. There are also the trails you rarely ever ski because they are never open and this would be the same concept as any rare songs which are played only once every few years.

Just some random insight into my mind on a typical day at Sunday River.