Wine Anyone?

Last night Jen threw a little cocktail party at her house and invited some of her friends as well as some of my friends. I arrived at her house around 5 and we immediately began preparing. I made a fantastic vegetable platter with carrots, celery, mushrooms and tomatoes. It looked great if I do say so myself. A bunch of people showed up and I will spare listing them all for fear that I will most likely spell their names incorrectly. It appeared that a fun evening was had by all. The clean up was even fun. Since I never really use dishes at my new place, it was nice to get into the sink and just wash a ton of dishes. I even took a sip of wine because I didn’t want to waste or mess up my dish water. I don’t know whether it was linked to the wine, but afterwards my face broke out in a little rash. It was strange since I have never had an adverse reaction to food before. Hmmm very interesting.

Looking forward to Chris’ going away party tonight at Foley’s. Tomorrow will involve a hike somewhere up in NH of some mountain over 4000 feet. Sunday is the day Jen’s sister moves to Somerville, which is very exciting. Busy weekend ahead. Hope y’all have a good one.

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