I got a haircut

It’s true I went back to the shorter hair again. I figured warmer weather was on the way and I didn’t need the long hair anymore. I know my mom is certainly pleased by this decision.

It seems like the haircut is about the only thing I have done since returning from my trip. I keep waking up around 5:30 every morning so it has caused me to be exhausted every night by about 7:00. After this weekend my sleep schedule will hopefully be under control again. It is going to be weird to ski since I haven’t been in three weeks, unfortunately I won’t be doing any telemarking because I need to practice for the mogul competition which I signed up for this afternoon. I am not as excited as I was last year, but that should make my run better because I will be much more relaxed. The one area I want to focus on this year is my air. Last year was less than spectacular and I hope to not only improve my ranking, do some sort of 360, but also to make it into the top 32. Okay now the top 32 is a long shot, but if I get enough practice on my air this weekend, stranger things have happened.

I am tired. Over and out.