Kaleb: Day 42

I think the title says it all. Today was Kaleb’s first trip to Amesbury, which also included a couple other firsts including first trip on the highway, first trip out of state, we were in New Hampshire for about three minutes, first trip to both Amesbury grandparents house, etc, etc… We were planning on going up since the middle of last week and then my dad invited us over for dinner. I have to say I am a bit jealous of all the attention my boy gets from his Pepe. So we hopped in the car in the early afternoon and drove up to my mom’s, we are still working out a name for her, today I came up with “Grandmother who has not been named.” We also threw around the name UNG, Unnamed Grandmother. I guess we will leave it up to the little man.

Since I am tired I am going to truncate this entry. The trip up north was fantastic, it was great to see everybody and everything was pretty much the same except for a little bit of passing around of Kaleb. I am sure this will all change once he gets bigger, but for now everything seems just like normal. As for Kaleb he behaved wonderfully today and barely made a peep. He slept most of the time, did have a bit of awake time and fed without much trouble. However, once we got home he was fussy and had his worst bath so far. We set up a video conference with Nonna and Sir, so they could watch the bath and they witnessed quite a show. He screamed through most of the bath and only settled down once he was in a nice warm towel. We are determined to figure out the bath thing.

Okay I am falling asleep at the keyboard, I was up with Kaleb from 2 until 5 this morning, not because he was crying, but because I didn’t want to do anything to disturb his sleep after a bit of fussiness. I am definitely paying for it now.

Hope you all had a good weekend.