Tube Free?

Kaleb: Day Twelve

We got some major news that we have been waiting for ever since Kaleb was born just under two weeks ago. If he continues to progress at his current rate, it looks like he might be discharged next week. We weren’t given specifics about which part, but to know that by this time next week he could be living under our roof is such a wonderful thought. In order to help his progress he was put on a regiment of only nursing and bottle feedings today, with no feeding through his tube. Tomorrow morning they will check his weight to make sure he didn’t have a lack of calories due to the change in feeding style. After a couple days of no tube feeding he will most likely get his tube removed on purpose (he really likes to pull it out now). He was also allowed to come out today without his leads on him and because of this Jennifer got to bring him into the parent room for some nice quiet time with him and my mom, who actually got to hold him for the first time. It was an amazing day, and while we are excited, we are also cautious at the same time and doing our best to keep in mind that the current plans may change.

I went up for the six o’clock feeding per my usual day and did his “do up” (temperature, diaper change and feeding) He was a little fussy about the diaper, but he settled down and I managed to give him almost his entire bottle. We had a little bit of struggling, but he is getting much better at it especially compared to Saturday. It seems the key is to get as much in as fast as possible before he falls asleep. We came home afterwards and unpacked the car seat we received from the shower, because we need to bring it to the hospital. One of the tests he has to pass before coming home is to sit in his car seat for 90 minutes without having oxygen troubles. Apparently having the baby sitting up in the car seat position can be a problem for their breathing. I am confident he will do fine though!!

Okay I need to get back to work now.