Warm Weekend

It was another warm January weekend, but apparently all that is going to change tonight when the heavy snow starts to fall. We are supposed to get over a foot of the white stuff, they are so certain Jennifer’s school was cancelled at 7pm tonight. I don’t know if I reported it here yet, but Kaleb has an ear infection. We brought him to the doctor on Tuesday because of his nasty dry cough and the doctor said he had an ear infection. He is now on Amoxicilin(sp?) and has been doing well, he never really complained about it in the first place so it is hard to say if it is truly getting better.

Yesterday we took a trip up to Exeter for lunch and then took a nice long back road drive home. I then did a little work on the house, by taking apart some of the rotting wooden shelving structure in the basement. I am not sure of the support it provides for the living room floor so I left the four by fours up, but the rotten wood is now out of the basement and hopefully once we get a dehumidifier the place will be a little drier.

Today Jamison and Megan came over in the morning for a little play date. The two kids played well together and at one point Kaleb even pushed Jamison around in his wagon. It was really cute as you will soon see from the video. We went over to Newburyport for lunch and settled on Not Your Average Joes. It was yummy and filling. We came home afterwards and hung out here until it was time to go over to Pepe’s house for Mike’s birthday. Kaleb was very well behaved over there and was wandering all over on his hands and knees. It was great to see everybody over there and it has been a while since I have been so full.

For now I am going to say good bye but should have some good photos of the snow tomorrow.


Kaleb: Day 330