No Skiing

While we are comparing me to celebrities what about the above comparison. Yeah I don’t see it either, too bad.
You can all rejoice because this entry will not be about skiing, it will not include stories about snowboarding, or lift lines or snowmaking. There will be no tales of Suds, The Griz or mugs. I won’t mention the long drive, shoveling snow or telemark skiing. Instead I will give you a basic run down on what a weekend back in Salem is like.
I intended to make it an early night, but ended up going to see Chasing Liberty (bad movie) and then hung out at Ryan’s until 2AM.
Scratch the idea of getting extra sleep since we all know I can’t just stay in bed. So of course I got out of bed and then went to lunch at Macaroni Grille followed by a Starbucks trip. It was then time to go back to Salem and do some much needed laundry. The collage kids visited me, but weren’t able to stay too long.
Woke up listened to some tunes and did some music things. Got the call to go for lunch at Middle Street Food. Ry, Britt, Van and I at and observed an urban tribe there. I almost tempted to take pictures of thsee tribes when I see them. They seemed much hipper than the BoCaNO group, but is hipness really the most important thing to look for in a tribe. Next stop was Starbucks and then Fowle’s Smell. Back to the Bury to visit good ol’ 39R and then the trip to the airport to drop Vanessa off for her semester abroad in Amsterdam. I helped lug her luggage into the airport for the last time thank god those bags were huge. Ha I just figured out where luggage got its name, it has to come from the fact that you always have to lug it around. Van met her fellow RA and chaperone for the flight. I wished her luck and told her most importantly to have fun, like any good friend would do.

Now here I sit watching TV and updating my music collection on iTunes. I have now assigned genres to every song and it is all organized better than before. I still have to get a good feel for the set up and how I want it to be laid out. ADD moment: Why do they have informercials on MTV now? I thought it was just a satellite TV thing, but apparently not so much. Okay thats enough for right now, hope you all had a great weekend.