New Mower

I know I have been bad about doing entries, but you have to understand I am now a homeowner and need to do lots of yard work. Speaking of which, over the weekend we went out and bought a new lawn mower. It is one of the manual one’s, as in it doesn’t use gas or electric. I know people probably think I am crazy, but for the size yard we have I think it is good enough, plus it is good for the environment. We ended up buying it after my mom refused to buy us one although she said she would get us a gas powered one if we wanted it. The other important bit of yard work I did this weekend was cleaning the gutters. They had been pretty bad and hadn’t been cleaned in so long that there were five inch maple tree seedlings growing in them. I quickly used my new ladder (thanks dad) to clean them out and now I am just waiting for a rainstorm to see if they work.

Kaleb has been doing very well. We are still struggling to get him to eat out of a bottle and he will have about three spoonfuls of food before he starts whining. While the food hasn’t been going well, Jennifer has done a great job of getting him into a nice bed time routine. It is sometimes a bit of a struggle, but seems to be getting easier every night. He has been very vocal lately and is constantly yelling or talking to himself. He gets more personality by the day.

This weekend we are having a house warming/six month birthday party. It should be fun and also good to have some friends and family over to our new house.