Long Day

What can I say besides it was a freakin’ long day. Work was a disaster from the get go and I was already answering stupid questions before I even got my ass into my seat. Somehow I managed to accomplish nearly every task I needed to in eight hours and was able to get out of that place. Grrrrrrrr.

Then the fun began. I met up with Britt and Dylan for an evening of pizza in the North End. We were seated in Pizzeria Regina and had the most classic waitress. I think she has dealt with one too many diners, because she was less than helpful.
4 reasons you know your waitress has worked there too long:
1) Asks you if you are ready before you can even finish saying NO she is gone.
2) When you order one pizza she makes it clear you can’t reorder pizza if you don’t have enough.
3) She walks around with her hands at her waist.
4) As soon as she puts the pizza on the table she disappears.
It was a good time despite the waitress.

Next up Britt and I went to the IMax at the Museum of Science to see All Access. We conveniently arrived and hour and a half early and checked out every inch of the little space exhibit. I learned some stuff but most I knew already since I am a crazy space buff. I also took some weird pictures in the glass panels while waiting. The movie was great and they really highlighted DMB’s performance with Al Green. Other highlights of mine were probably Sheryl Crow and the jam by The Roots, Trey and BB King. The lowlights were Macy Gray, Moby and the crink in my neck from looking up for an hour straight. Overall it was a great show and experience.

Misc Pictures from the last few days