iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G Update

Last week I posted an entry about the slowness of my iPhone 3G after updating to iOS 4.  As with most slowness I was starting to get used to it so it didn’t seem so slow, but of course every once in a while I was reminded with an extended wait for a specific app.  So…. last night I decided to attempt a clean restore of iOS 4 to see if the situation improved.  It took about 15 minutes to restore the phone to iOS 4 and then over an hour to reload it from a back up.  Apple really needs to find a way to make syncing between an iPhone and iTunes faster, because it is sooooo slow.  Everybody seems to want over-the-air syncing, but I can’t imagine how this would be faster even if slightly more convenient.  Okay enough about syncing, once all was said and done I unplugged the iPhone and tested it out and it was a bit snappier.  Again this morning I used it and I saw some more improvements in performance, but typically performance seemed better after a fresh restart so I am going to hold my final judgement until later in the day.