Time To Cross the Pond

Well at this time tomorrow I will be somewhere high above the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Amsterdam. I am very excited about the trip though I can’t help but be disappointed that I didn’t see my whole country yet, heck I haven’t even seen the Pacific Ocean. I suppose it doesn’t really matter either way, because I am sure I will get there eventually and probably sooner than later. One thing I am most excited about is not having to work for seven whole business days, don’t get me wrong traveling to Europe and seeing the sites will be great, but I won’t/can’t be bothered by work. No phone calls asking how to fix a database, no trips into Boston for a one hour run of the expenses. Haha FREEDOM!! Seriously though the things I am looking forward to most is seeing Vanessa, the canals and coast in Brugge, seeing the Castle, using Euros, Germany, Big Ben, Stonehenge and Amesbury, England. It will be fun to see how the above list will probably be completely different after I return.

For all of you keeping score at home here is my itinerary.

Thursday 3/11/2004
Leave work.
Fly out of Logan for Amsterdam.
Friday 3/12/2004
Land in Amsterdam.
Meet Vanessa at the train station.
Explore Amsterdam for the day and then spend the night there.
Saturday 3/13/2004
Hop on a train for my solo trip to Brugge.
Spend the night there.
Sunday 3/14/2004
Continue exploration of Brugge.
Second night there.
Monday 3/15/2004
Head back to the Netherlands.
Meet Vanessa and check in to lodging in Well.
Tuesday 3/16/2004
Vanessa and I head to Cologne.
Spend night there.
Wednesday 3/17/2004
Return to Well for the day and night.
Thursday 3/18/2004
Train to Amsterdam for flight to London
Friday 3/19/2004 & Saturday 3/20/2004
London and surrounding attractions.
Sunday 3/20/2004
Leave London for Boston in the afternoon.

So thats it, I may have some of the details wrong, but that is my understanding of the plan. I will update the LJ as often as possible, I can’t promise pictures right away, but there will definitely be a ton online once I get back to the States. See you on the Other Side.