Snow Storm?

The predicted snowstorm has caused a giant mess in Somerville. I think it snowed about two inches overnight and then today it has been a combination of rain, sleet and snow for the entire day. On top of the overnight snow we have picked up another two inches of yucky slush. I decided to work form home because I didn’t want to mess with the commute and because I figured Jennifer could use the company. The gym was empty this morning, which was a surprise because usually the weather doesn’t have an effect on the attendance. Besides that I have been relatively productive with work stuff and enjoyed a yummy Thai lunch care of Cara and Jeff. They stopped by around one and had lunch with us which was a nice treat.

Around four o’clock I looked out into the street and saw that it had become flooded because of clogged drains and knew something had to be done. I donned my winter jacket, hat and gloves and marched out the front door to rectify the situation. First I cleaned off Jennifer’s car and managed to move it back a few feet so I could access the sewer grate. After about ten minutes I had cleared a nice path for the water and it was quickly rushing out of the street and down into the drain. I stayed out for an hour making sure it didn’t clog and attempting to clear the drain on the other side of the street. I didn’t have as much luck on the other side, but either way I certainly made the water go from the original six inches in depth to around one inch. It was nice to be outside despite the messy cold weather.

Now I am just waiting for the nightly build to finally succeed so I can close up shop and join my wife for a Valentine’s evening on the couch. We talked about getting some Emma’s pizza, but it is a bit of a drive and there really isn’t a lot of parking there. Hopefully we will figure out something romantic to do for dinner.

Hope everybody is staying warm and dry out there.

I tried to post this entry last night and it just wouldn’t stick. So I am posting it now. I do have an update to the snow story. This morning we woke up and looked out on sunny Somerville, so see our cars buried. It took an hour total and Jennifer actually had to come up and help me with her car (she just sat in it and pressed the gas). We did manage to get them both free, which was quite a relief. There was also a dummy from across the street whom I had seen in the morning backing his car on top of a snow bank in then returning to his house in his boxers. As I finished dislodging the cars he was attempting to get out of his space, but in the least effective manner. Instead of rocking the car back and forth he was just putting the pedal to the metal. The smell of burnt rubber filled the air, when I walked over to help him. After a few minutes of attempting to help him I gave up because he just didn’t have a clue. He made it out ten minutes later. Dummy!!!