Happy New Year!!!

New Year’s Eve - Motor Booty Affair
It was a pretty decent New Year’s eve this year. To be honest they all seem to be very anticlimactic. Lets hop in the way back machine and recap the last few years:
New Year’s Eve 2000 - Sunday River at the Summit. I was with Caitlin at the time and well since I wasn’t hip to the Bethel scene, we were completely bored and just drove around like idiots. Not necessarily a bad one, but still not how they are in the movies, okay well almost I am a romantic guy with a couple tricks up my sleeve.
New Year’s Eve 2001 - Not exactly sure about this one, I know I was with Caitlin, but can’t remember exactly where we were. I guess it goes to show just how bad that year’s eve turned out.
New Year’s Eve 2002 - Bobbaloo (sp?) at the Middle East with Emily, Travis, Scott, April, Dale and Jen. Live music, dancing and drinking, but of course come midnight there was nobody to kiss, making life miserable after midnight.
New Year’s Eve 2003 - Brew Pub, Sunday River. I believe there was some live music, but I can’t really remember. What I do recall is me being in a bad mood for one reason or another and it completely ruining my night.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2004. I got out of work as soon as possible to drive up to Tango Mary’s. I made it up by 9:30 and was inside with my pimp hat on checking out the scene. Now there were tons of college age girls there, so immediately you think, hooray for Keeg, but I am just bad in those dancing situations. I get out there and dance and see some fine looking honey and begin to consider my options and how I am going to introduce myself. After a few minutes of contemplation some random guy or the girl’s boyfriend swoops in and takes over. Talk about frustrating. Okay enough about that, soooo, I start dancing with Noelle, Sarah and Monica. Good times except it is a bit hot, as you can see from the pictures. After a couple hours of dancing the New Year comes and of course I have been amongst a ton of younger girls for two hours and end up without a kissing partner for the big second. New Year’s comes and goes and once again I am left standing around by myself among a bunch of kissing couples.

So the pattern goes, when I have somebody to kiss we end up sitting around watching tv or just sitting by ourselves, other years I am at a semi decent party, but the person I hoped to be kissing at midnight doesn’t quite come through with my movie style NYE and finally when I am at a hopping party with tons of possible people I fail to meet anybody in the allotted time. Yeah I know, look out its emo Keegan again OR poor poor Keegan. Listen I am just making an observation and also archiving what I have done on past New Year’s.

Bottom Line: New Year’s is just the beginning of another day and a new year which somehow gives people hope for some change and a fresh start. Let’s just hope for my sake things continue on as they have been over the last year. I must say I feel as if I have come a long long way in 2003 and hope it will continue into 2004. The only change I have mixed feelings about is my new found joy and acceptance for the single life. Being happy about my singleness could put a damper on my dating in 2004.

Today was the first day and things went well. I did some skiing, by myself because for some reason or other my friends didn’t make it to the Peak by eleven. I was able to tele for five hours today, I new record for me. My legs are sore, but they are getting stronger every day.

Funny story: I was talking to Britt about how the ‘Bury from the highway looks like the small town in the play that only appears every fifty years or so. She had no idea what I was talking about and we concluded that we would never figure it out, even using the internet I was sure to be stumped. We walked into Flatbread and who was there but none other than the head of the AHS English Department, Mrs. Hoyt. We went over and asked her and she confirmed that I wasn’t crazy and told us the town’s name was Brigadoon. Ha!!!
New Year’s Day Randomness