Did you ever?

Did you ever sit down to write your livejournal and you couldn’t put all of your thoughts together into something cohesive, so instead you just kept typing whatever came to your mind. I have been so busy lately and my head is kind of spinning from all of the wonderful thigns that have happened over the last few days. For some reason I keep waking up early which only compounds my exhaustion problem. Last night I did laundry for the first time in a couple weeks, because well I was pretty much out of clean undies. The laundry room at my new place is kind of sketchy and dirty, its very important to make sure you don’t drop things on the ground when moving from washer to dryer. While my laundry was doing its thing downstairs I finished organizing more of my things. My bookcase is now full of books again, however there are way too many books and it might be time for a new bookcase. I also unpacked my videos and DVDs, but decided to leave most of them in the box with my CD’s. It decided to leave the CD’s packed because I never use them since they are all in my iPod. Finally I finished organizing all of my crap and sat down to read my new book, I was tired and only made it through the first essay, but so far so good. It is so hot in my room, but thanks to being so exhausted I have been falling right to sleep every night. Last night was no exception to this new rule.

So why would you care
To get out of this place
You and me and all our friends
Such a happy human race

Eat, drink and be merry
For tomorrow we die

-David John Matthews - Tripping Billies

More lyrics
One time she thinks it was easy and
Like breezing through the world was just all I wanted to do
But no now its more like my feet are locked down
Like my eyes are blind and I just can’t see the light
Yeah yeah yeah I reach for hope but
Come up with nothing but sand in my hand

-David John Matthews - Crazy-Easy