Simple Update

It was a day of several good things:
I got out of work at four o’clock which is good.
I brought my other guitar (the one Scott gave me) to the repair shop and they fixed the tuners for only five bucks (well four because thats all I had on me)
Met up with my bestest friend in the whole world, Kate Harvey!!!
Talked about how my mind can sometimes drive me crazy with its constant thinking about things. One, two, three, RELAX!!!!!
Walked the bike path from Davis Square to Alewife.
Ate at Anna’s Taqueria for the first time. It was pretty good. Not as yummy as Qdoba, but half the price.
Played with my newly repaired guitar. A much different sound than my other guitar.
Wrote a letter using the classic nib pen and ink. Boy writing cursive is hard.
Went to Jen’s and saw all of her new school clothes, including 8 new skirts. Haha I have like six pairs of pants total.
Realized how lucky I am to have great friends, live in a super apartment in a fun city, the basic ability to play a guitar, a job (okay I am working on that), a wonderful family back up in the ‘Bury and an amazing girlfriend who is a true match (pun intended).

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody. I’ll be in Plimoth all weekend. The Chowdah race is tomorrow.
Keegan Willis Sands