Another Entry

BoCaNO Trivia Night at the Kinsale
Wow it seems like I am updating every two minutes. Anyway it was cold today. We went to the Kinsale for trivia and did much better than the last time. Britt will be proud that I was the source for a couple of the music answers, such as what pop singer married the guy from Australian band Silverchair AND which band who was in search for a guitar player was rated worst of 2003 in a poll of Guitar World readers. Answers: Natalie Imbruglia and Limp Bizkit. We ended up in fourth place, but next time we will win it, I am sure.

Finally the last picture in the slide show is an ad for some Microsoft product, but notice the watch is not on the wrist correctly. The pictured ad is the second of the campaign where the watch is backwards. Just very odd.