Thursday Is Here

BREAKING NEWS: I was offered the position this afternoon and accepted it.

The week is on its way out and I am rather happy about it. I just want to get back up to Bethel and enjoy the sunny weather and great snow conditions. Plus it will be nice to leave Boston behind and the massive mess of snow here. I hate not being able to drive my car for fear I won’t find a parking space, which drives me crazy. Yesterday I went for my second interview for the State Street job I interviewed for last week. I think it really went well and I am supposed to hear from them today, keep your fingers crossed. Besides the stress of job hunting, Jen and I recently began looking at apartments. We are hoping to move in on April 1st, but it all depends on whether people move in to our current places. On Monday we saw a really great apartment in Medford. It had a driveway, a great backyard, an amazing kitchen and looked great. However knowing its not good to jump at the first place you see and because it was a bit far from the T, we passed. Tuesday night we saw another place which wasn’t as modern, but still would have been acceptable. So the countdown is on we have about 55 days to get everything straightened out. If there is anybody out there who knows a person that would like to move to Somerville and share an apartment close to the T with two roommates, please let me know. The rent is cheap and the neighborhood is awesome. I will keep you all posted on all of the searches I am currently involved in.

Last night we went to the Kinsale for BoCaNO and once again tried our hand at trivia. We started strong again, but lagged in the middle. If it wasn’t for our strong third round bonus, picture round and final round we would have been sunk. I don’t know why we have been having so much trouble lately. Okay I have to get to work.