Argh Republicans

I was walking to the train this morning and the nice Metro guy handed me my daily copy. On the front cover is a big picture of Dick Cheney with a giant grin on his face and it really irritated me. Why was I irritated? Because he knows as do I now that Bush will win the election in November. Let’s face it I don’t want him to win, but that is the way the insane rest of our country feels. I just don’t appreciate the whole rubbing it in, because they are so certain and know there is nothing that can be done. It’s amazing what money can buy. Of course the democrats aren’t exactly putting up a fight. I don’t think I could be less excited about John Kerry. Is he even running for president because it certainly doesn’t feel that way. The Democrats should have picked somebody that at least had some chance in the South. He also doesn’t look presidential, the phrase always a senator never a president definitely come to mind when thinking of him. I don’t want to discourage anybody from voting, because it is obviously not a done deal, but its beginning to look that way. Our country is just plain, DUMB!!!!

Does anybody else see a likeness between Dick Cheney and the Penguin?