Rain Out

Lots of big plans for the weekend, but most were rained out on Saturday due to the crazy rain in the area. My mom, who I was unable to get a hold of all weekend, would certainly have said, “If this had been snow we would have over two feet on the ground.” I can’t even imagine how great that would have been, snow in September. Actually I guess it wouldn’t really do me much good since I don’t even have a ski pass yet. On Friday night I went out after work for Chris Hayes’ going away outing at Foley’s. A ton of people showed up and it was great to hang out with some former State Street crew members. On Saturday morning the rain prevented us from going on a hike, so instead Jen and I stayed in for a while before braving the rain and going to IHOP in Revere. We then picked up some piping at Home Depot for her new portable washing machine (more on that later). After a chill and relaxing afternoon, where I slept for a couple of hours, we went down to Quincy for a pizza and movie rental with Mark and Kate. We rented The Station Agent a quirky comedy about a dwarf. It was one of those movies that is different from the norm and in the end not many lose ends are tied up, but it was fantastic and very funny.

Sunday morning Mark, Kate and I drove up to Mount Osceola for a day hike. The sky seemed great in Somerville, but the closer we got to the mountains the cloudier it became. When we got out of the car it was fifty degrees and cloudy, perfect for hike with a view, NOT! It was a brief hike and unfortunately we couldn’t see anything from the chilly summit. We did see our first ice of the season, you can see it in one of the pictures. After getting back down four hours after leaving the car we drove back towards Boston. We stopped at Not Your Average Joe’s for dinner. One highlight of that was when Mark tried to flip his straw around in his mouth without using his hands. We all proceeded to give it a try with me being a complete failure, the only way I could get it to work was by chewing up the straw and spitting it back out.

Once I returned from Somerville and hung out at my house a while I drove over to Jen’s house. When I got there she was washing her first load of laundry, but it would not do the spin and drain cycle. It would fill with water and then it would agitate, but right when it should have started to drain and then spin it just stopped. We played around with it for a good three hours, which included us manually draining it three times. Of course since I have no idea how to do anything around the house I was unable to fix it. Jen did figure out that her landlord had tested it and so it must have drained since she bought it. Hopefully he will be able to help us out.

Oh yeah and Mark the whole caliber thing with regards to bullets was the diameter of the bore of a firearm. See the definition of Caliber. .45 caliber is 45 hundredths of an inch in diameter and an 88 mm gun has a bore that is 88 millimeters in diameter.