Colombia's Population

For this evening’s BoCaNO we went to trivia night at the Kinsale. We got off to a rocky start, but once the Tufts kids showed up things began to turn around. After the first standings announcement we were in fourth place. Now this was nothing new we had always done well, but things were different prior to the final round. The Trivia Jockey announced us as being in second place by a point. We knew these next two questions would count and we went for it and go the first question wrong. The final question was a bit easier and we waged the maximum bid and got it correct. They then began announcing the final results and we finished in third place, but wait there was a problem and we were forced into a tie breaker round. The question was what is the population of Colombia? We guessed 7.8 million and the other team guessed 4.5 million. The actual population was 41 million, so we won third place outright. Our reward was a $10 gift certificate to the Kinsale. It was very exciting and we told the TJ we would be back and do better next time.

Good times!!!