We Caught a Five Pounder

Kaleb: Day 30

Kaleb went in for his big weigh-in yesterday and is officially five pounds. It seems a bit crazy that he gained a half pound in a week, but you know what we are going to take it. If he keeps up this pace he should be at six pounds for his due date, which should be about where he would have been anyway considering Jen and I were both around six pounds. The other big news is that he has been doing a better job at night, or at least Jennifer tells me so. Since I have to work, Jennifer has been getting up with him at night making things a lot easier for me.

Today I stayed home from work so Jennifer could go to the doctor’s office and hopefully figure out why he came early and whether we should be concerned in the future when we decide it is time for Four. Yes we are going to continue with the numbering system for the next one, but I can assure you it will not be for a few more years. Apparently the doctor didn’t seem to think the baby came early because of a Uterine Septum as we had been suspecting for the last month or so. Next week she is going in for an x-ray that will help show the actual shape of her uterus and we will know for sure what is going on.

This evening we went back to Winchester Hospital for a reunion. They were having what they call the Spring Fling. It gives parents a chance to meet and discuss parenting and their experiences at the hospital. It was cool to meet some other parents that went through a similar situation. I also volunteered my services to help out with a google group for the Winchester Hospital parents. It was really easy to set up and should also be easy to hand off when the time comes.

Okay it is getting late and I need to get some rest. Hope all is well out there.

PS - Here is a photo for my mom who complained about the movies and how none of them showed Kaleb being happy.