A Fantastic Weekend

Now typically I only put one picture up, but I really wanted to show something strange that I didn’t really notice until I was looking at the pictures at home. The first picture was taken around 2:30 PM and the second was taken a few hours later, but notice the dramatic change in the water level and color. Notice how in the top picture there is some shoreline visible on the far side of the river and it has disappeared in the bottom. Okay that is all of my observations on the waterfall.

Jen and I left for Letchworth State Park (1 hour southeast of Buffalo) on Friday afternoon and began the long drive westward. I was pretty psyched because for the first time in a long time I got to be the passenger, which I must say was good for a few hours, but then I got way to antsy. It took us seven and a half hours to get there including a couple stops for gas, food and a mysterious thumping noise. We pulled up to the inn, which looked like a saloon/hotel from the old West. We walked in the door and I felt like I should have had a six shooter on my hip. Fortunately there weren’t any mean cowboys playing poker inside, but instead there was a large array of antiques including a collection of chamber pots. A very classy touch. We got the key and walked upstairs to find our room among the huge doorways, but couldn’t find number 22. There were all the other numbers, but not ours. Finally, we gave up and went downstairs to ask for help. The woman said with a thick Irish accent that our room was outside. She pointed us toward the back of the hotel and said walk that way until a light turns on and you will see the room. We followed the directions and came to the random outbuilding, which was decorated like an old 70’s style hotel room. I said the place felt haunted and no sooner had my mouth closed and there was a knock at the door and Jen screamed and jumped. I laughed as she got her keys from the lady from the Iobby. Too funny!!!

The next day we had to go to the wedding at Letchworth State Park. It was a beautiful wedding at a fantastic spot. The ceremony was right near a giant waterfall, quite impressive. I finally got to meet some of Jen’s friends and they were great and too funny. After watching them interact for a little while it occurred to me that they could easily be cast in a Friends like show. Everybody had so much in common, but all had very distinct mannerisms and qualities to create a perfectly balanced and well rounded group. Just an odd observation I made, probably because I watch way too much television. The reception afterwards was fun, and I actually got out there and tried my hand at dancing. Let’s just say I was really cutting up a rug. Ha!!!

Sunday we woke up and got right out of there because there wasn’t anywhere decent to have breakfast in the area. The drive back was fine and we stopped in Northampton to break it up. The weather was so nice yesterday and quite a change from when we left on Friday afternoon. Alright I have to get to work now. Just know it was a great weekend and I am looking forward to my vacation coming up on Wednesday. Woohoo, I love Maine.

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