Friday night I took Jen out to the Parrish Cafe for her birthday dinner. It was very delicious, I even tried Polenta, which is a cornmeal bread topped with tomatoes, mushrooms and mozzarella. After dinner we walked to the Public Garden and then joined her sister for dessert at Finale. It was excellent.

We woke up on Saturday morning and went up to Newburyport to go kayaking. I was a bit nervous since I had never kayaked before but after being in the river for a minute or two I quickly got my bearings. We paddled out towards Joppa Flats and even went up the river towards the Plum Island bridge. At one point we just stopped along the marsh and watch these tiny little birds running along the shore. It was so very peaceful.

The tide was still going out, but instead of waiting for it to change we made our way back up river against the tide and wind. It turns out to have been a good idea, because we barely made it across the Flats before it was a giant sandbar. It was a tough paddle back, but after a couple stops and some cormorant chasing we made it back to the ramp. It was an amazing four hours and I can’t wait to go out kayaking again.

After kayaking we headed straight for Salisbury beach and I introduced Jen to Christy’s pizza. As one would expect she loved it. Next stop was Dairy Queen and then back to Somerville for my housewarming party. I only had a few people show up, but I was grateful that they did. We kept to ourselves most of the night and watched the baseball game. It was a good time though.

Yesterday I went up to Amesbury to visit the family and then drove out to Plum Island to read and enjoy the beautiful weather. I took some pictures and here they are Plum Island on a sunny day