Fully Stocked Cabinets

I just finished unpacking my clothes, guitar, pizza stone and pan, digital camera and a whole ton of groceries. I am sure you are all curious about my weekend considering the fact that I had so many fun things to unpack. I am saving the weekend highlights for last. The most important thing now is the fact that my cabinets and refrigerator are now fully stocked after a week of being bare.

While shopping I noticed some odd things, first of all while I worked in the produce department for five years I never buy anything from said department, second it is a lot easier shopping with a list and even easier if you have a pen to cross things off ( I’ll have to remember that next time), I buy generic brand for certain things and brand names for other things (brand names I bought = Vanilla Coke, Sprite, Jello Pudding, Yoplait Yogurt; generic products = cereal, chips, butter, ice cream sandwiches), finally I think I go through the store in the opposite direction I am supposed to go (correct way is Produce and Deli to the Bread and Frozen Food section). I guess it is because I just can’t wait to get to the chocolate covered donut gems. Okay enough silly food talk because the more I talk about it the hungrier I get and I can’t eat any more food tonight :op

That picture right above here is the best pizza I have made to date. It was created for a pizza party I threw up at the Outpost. The crust was crispy but not so much that you couldn’t cut through it and the cheese melted perfectly. I was quite happy and after comparing it to the other two pizzas I am convince the pizza stone is one of the greatest investments I have ever made. Well you can see pictures from the party by clicking above.

- Friday night at Suds talking to a very annoying and talkative woman who tries to be everybody’s friend.
- Using my GPS while skiing. It showed me where I had been and told me I reached 55.3 MPH while traveling down Rogue Angel.
- Preparing dough and sauce for six pizzas.
- Chinese food in Bethel. Arrived at 6:30 PM and couldn’t wait for our food anymore at 8:15 PM, so took two of our three dishes home.
- Trishelle (Real World Season 12 and Adam (Road Rules Season 10 at the Griz’ on Saturday night.
- Playing guitar while my mom sang along at the Outpost.
- Getting stuck to the lift and going around until I knocked off the safety bar.
- Hosting a pizza party, followed by Shrek and some ice cream sundaes.
- Listening to the banter of strangers on the walkie talkies.
- Lunch at the Foggy Google.
- Racing Mark down Right Stuff while I was on tele.
- Trying a new way home and finding out it wasn’t any faster. I am determined to find a better way.
And so many things I am probably forgetting.

Well its going to be a short week. Hooray!! Let’s hope its a good one.