Ash Wednesday

You all may have noticed people walking around with some stuff on their foreheads today. They have not mistakenly emptied the fireplace and placed their finger on their heads but instead went to church and had it placed there. Today is Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of lent. It is a time when people give something up for forty days. However I am not going to give anything up so don’t expect such a vow from me on here. Apparently you should give up something you enjoy so I had thought of chocolate, excessive spending or even (gulp) pizza. I realized though that this won’t make a damn bit of difference, I remember a couple years ago I gave up DMB for a while and afterwards I realized it was a waste thanks to Nissa’s graduation speech about how life isn’t a dress rehearsal and it is the one chance we get to do everything. I just can’t see giving something up when I enjoy it so much.

I do wonder if anybody out there is giving up something for Lent.